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The Where is ... and Software list


The Best PC Internet Software/ Freeware/Shareware
WinZip (Window based Zip/unZip program)
PC and Mac Internet Software Source (Two Cows)
Galt Shareware Zone (Even more Software)
PC Portable Document Format (.pdf) and Postscript Language (.ps) readers
Microsoft's Viewers
Mac Software Archives
More Mac Archives
EVEN More Mac Software

Health Physics and Science Related
Radiological modeling Software
Our File Archive for HP related software
Health Physics Analysis Laboratory Analysis programs (LANL)
HP commercial software
Energy Science and Technology Software Center(ESTSC) software funded by the Department of Energy and/or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
MIRDOSE - internal dose calculation software
Programs at the Radsafe Archive (UIUC)
Mathematical & Other Software (large list on software sites)
Brookhaven National Labs - Programs (BNL)
The Fermilab Software Tools Program (FermiTools)
Research Software Forum (RadEFX)
Windows compatible SURVRAD - lifetime incidence and mortality risks of radiation-induced cancer
Radioepidemiologic tables for lifetime risks and probabilities of causation: PC tables at http:/ (Males) and http:/ (Females).
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (NRC - MELCOR & IFCI code - see application link)
NRC's Electronic Exposure Information Systems (REMIT and REIRS)
Radon, Decay and Working Levels (MathCadŽ 6.0 for PC, zipped and is self-extracting)
RadDecay software (zipped and for DOS - Grove Engineering - Note: this is an older version (2.02) recommended for educational purposes only. Contact Grove Engineering or RISC for newer versions)
On Line Radon Toolkit
LowTrack software HP related software... great and up-to-date
On Site Systems, Inc. WWW: HP assistant
Radpro software
Health Physics Tools on-line


Nuclear wallet cards, Atomic Masses, Nuclear data (NNDC data base)
Reaction Cross Sections (ISU)
Research Related Databases and Sources

Public Available Info

Jayne Loader's Public Shelter, a CD-ROM Information Archive

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