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Radiation Information Network's Dirty Bombs

Dirty Bombs

A dirty bomb is another name of a radiological dispersion device (RDD), that is a bomb that combines conventional explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive materials. The idea behind a dirty bomb is to blast radioactive material into the area around the explosion. This could possibly cause people to be exposed to radioactive material, but the main purpose of a dirty bomb is to frighten people. Most people in the public have no or little understanding of what radiation is or what the risks are from it. Due to this lack of knowledge and the likely media attention given to a dirty bomb, people will over react, to the extent of having more harm done by the reaction to the event than to the event itself. If the amount of radioactive materials is large enough, a dirty bomb could also make buildings or land unusable until it is cleaned up.

Depending on how large the explosives or how much radioactive material is present and in what form will determine how much contamination is present after the explosion.

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