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Radiation Information Network's HP Commercial Listing

This listing is designed to be used to find an e-mail address or web site of companies involved in health physics. A more extensive directory of health physics related companies can be found at the Radiation and Health Physics Web Site. Also there is the Nuclear Suppliers Association web site. Another place to look would be the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers.

The HPS also has a Buyer's Guide that is useful.

Note: where available, the WWW URL is preferred and used below. This listing is not advertising nor does it represent an endorsement for any company. It is open to any business that wishes to be listed.

For Y2K information, try our Y2K web page.

AccuSync Medical Research, Inc. WWW:
Active Environmental Technologies, Inc. E-mail:
ADAC Laboratories WWW:
Adco Services, Inc. E-mail:
AEA Technology (aquired Nycomed Amersham Indust.) WWW:
AES Environmental, Inc. E-mail:
Afftrex, Ltd. E-mail:
AGFA Matrix Division WWW:
Aguirre Engineers, Inc. WWW:
Allied Technology Group E-mail:
Alternative Waste Technology (AWT) E-mail:
American Nuclear Systems, Inc. WWW:
Amersham WWW:
Analytics, Inc. WWW:
Aptec-NRC WWW:
Applied Health Physics, Inc. WWW: WWW.APPLIEDHLTH.QPG.COM
Arrow-Tech WWW:
Atlantic Nuclear Corp. (ANC) WWW:
Bartlett Services, Inc. and Bartlett Nuclear, Inc. WWW:
Beckman Instruments WWW:
Berthold Systems, Inc. WWW:
BetaScint, Inc. WWW:
Bicron WWW:
BNFL Instruments Ltd WWW:
Bostock Technologies Inc. WWW:
Bubble Technology Industries WWW:
Calibration Technology WWW:
Canberra Industries WWW:
Capintec, Inc. WWW: Capintec, Inc.
Cardinal Health
Chase Environmental Group, Inc. WWW:
ChemRad WWW:
Clym Environmental Services, LLC WWW:
Collaborative Genetics, Inc.
Cone Instruments WWW: WWW.AMCA1.COM
Contemporary Science, Inc. WWW:
CoPhysics Corporation WWW:
CPN International WWW:
Data SpectrumWWW.SPECT.COM
Dupont-Merck WWW: Dupont-Merck
Duratek, Inc. WWW:
Durridge WWW:
Eberline Instruments WWW:
Ecology Services, Inc E-mail:
EMED a Raytheon E-System Company WWW:
Environmental Instruments Canada Inc. WWW:
Environmental Management & Controls, Inc. E-mail:
Environmental Resoration Group, Inc. E-mail:
ESM Eberline Instruments GmbH WWW:
Exelon PowerLabs E-mail:
Exploranium Ltd WWW:
Gamma Laboratories, Ltd. WWW:
GE Medical Systems WWW:
General Health Physics, Inc E-mail:
GTSDuratek WWW:
Gutierrez-Palmenberg, Inc WWW:
Haygood, John R Consulting E-mail:
Hilbert Associates, Inc. E-mail:
Hopewell Designs, Inc. WWW:
ICN Dosimetry Services WWW:
Inovision WWW:
Integrated Environmental Management, Inc. WWW:
INTE (Institut de Tecniques Energetiques) WWW:
Integrated Environmental Management, Inc. WWW:
International Isotopes, Inc. WWW:
Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. (IZOTOP) WWW:
Isotope Products Laboratories WWW:
J.L. Shepherd, WWW:
K&S Associates, Inc. WWW:
Keymaster Technologies, WWW:
Key Solutions, Inc. E-mail:
Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd., WWW:"
Landauer WWW:
Lochamy Associates E-mail:
Ludlum Measurement, Inc. WWW:
Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc. WWW:
Manufacturing Sciences Corporation WWW:
MCE Nuclear Services
MGP Instruments WWW:
Midas India WWW:
Millennium Services, Inc. WWW:
Mini Instruments Limited E-mail:
MJW Corporation, Inc. WWW:
Mohawk Industrial & Nuclear Supply WWW:
National Diagnostics Inc. WWW:
National Dosimetry Services WWW:
Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. WWW:
NEWEX E-mail:
NE Technology Ltd WWW:
NFS-Radiation Protection Systems, Inc. (NFS-RPS) WWW:
Niton WWW:
Noel Savignac Consultants E-mail:
NORM-Rad Services WWW:
Nordion WWW:
North American Scientific WWW:
Nuclear Associates WWW:
Nuclear Technology Services, Inc. WWW:
OHM Remediation Services Corp., Nuclear Services Division E-mail: Christian@OHM.COM
On Site Systems, Inc. WWW:
Oxford Instruments Inc. WWW:
Pacific West Nuclear WWW:
Panasonic Industrial Co. WWW:
PerkinElmer WWW:
Perspective Scientific Limited, UK WWW:
Picker International WWW:
Princeton Gamma-Tech, Inc. WWW:
ProPhysics Innovations, Inc. WWW:
Protean Instrument Corporation WWW:
Pro-Tem, Inc. WWW:
Proxtronics, Inc. WWW:
Qal-Tek Associates, WWW:
Quantaflux Radiological Services (QRS) E-mail:
Rad Elec Inc. WWW:
RadEX Primar s.r.o. E-mail:
Radiation Control, Inc. WWW:
Radiation Detection Company WWW:
Radiation Safety Academy WWW:
Radiation Safety Associates, Inc. WWW:
Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc WWW:
Radiation Safety Engineering WWW:
Radiation Safety Network WWW:
Radiation Safety Services E-mail:
Radiological Equipment Surplus WWW:
Radiological Health Services, Inc. E-mail:
Radiological Physics Associates, Inc. WWW:
Radiological Services, Inc. E-mail:
Radman Associates WWW:
RADOS Technology Group WWW:
R.O.V. Technologies, Inc WWW:
RP Shaw Consulting. E-mail:
Reed College Reactor WWW:
Rocky Mountain Remediation Services, LLC E-mail:
R.M. Wester & Associates, Inc. E-mail:
RSA Laboratories, Inc. WWW:
Safety and Ecology Corporation WWW:
SAIC, Instrument Products Division WWW:
S. Cohen and Associates (SC&A) WWW:
SENES Consultants Limited WWW:
Sharp Radiation Safety Services E-mail: JSHARP713@AOL.COM
Shepherd Miller, Inc. (SMI) E-mail:
Siemens Medical Systems WWW:
Site Remediation Services, Inc. E-mail:
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. WWW:
Syncor International Corp
Synchrotech Systems, Inc. WWW:
Suntrac Services WWW:
Teledyne Brown Engineering Environmental Services WWW:
Teletrix Corporation WWW:
Thomas Gray and Associates, Inc. E-mail:
Toshiba Medical Systems WWW: WWW.TOSHIBA.COM
TLD Niewiadomski & Co. E-mail:
Troxler WWW:
TSA Systems, Ltd. WWW:
U.S. Ecology, Inc. E-mail:
Unfors Instruments WWW:
University of Wisconsin Radiation Calibration Laboratory WWW:
Universal Medical Resources, Inc. WWW:
Varian WWW:
Victoreen, Inc. WWW:
World-Wise Services WWW:
Xetex WWW:
XRF Corporation WWW:

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