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Research Experience for Undergraduates

Nuclear Physics, Radiobiology, and Nuclear Engineering Summer Program at Idaho State University

Currently, the site is being updated. The application for the REU program is up and the Idaho State University Physics Department is accepting them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Click here to apply. Online applications will be up soon.

The program begins on May 17th to July 23th , 2010. *Earlier or later starting dates are negotiable.

Application materials are due by March 5th

This program provides a stipend of $4,500, 10 weeks of work experience, free room and board, traveling expenses reimbursed, and activities outside the department such as whitewater rafting, a visit to Yellowstone, camping and hiking.

The tentative schedule for the program can be found here.

Here are the projects that will be occurring during the summer:

Linearly polarized photon beam development
Neutral pi meson lifetime analysis

Linear accelerator techniques for nonproliferation and homeland security
Dye sensitized solar cell development
Neutron flux, reaction rate, and thermal property calculations for nuclear reactors
Photo fission with linearly polarized photons
Wire chamber detector testing and development
Enhancement of radiation resistance in microbes
Gene expression profile studies of microbes subject to radiation and antibiotic stress
Nuclear reactor health physics
Photon activation analysis, XRF, and laser ablation studies of stone tools for archeology
Trace metals uptake in bones of mammals and fish from archaeological sites
Computational studies of the elastic properties of heme compounds


We would like to thank the National Science Foundation (NSF) for funding the Research Experience for Undergraduates Project #0852060: Nuclear Physics, Radiobiology, and Nuclear Engineering Summer Program at Idaho State University. Without the NSF this program could not be possible.