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Radiation Safety Training Module
Radiographic Sciences and Analytical X-ray Machines
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ISU Technical Safety Office, Campus Box 8106
Pocatello, ID 83209
(208) 282-2311/2310

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Each individual working with or in the presence of radioactive materials or other radiation sources is required to receive training or provide documentation showing they have received training, in the applicable provisions of regulations and license conditions, in the potential health problems associated with exposure to radiation, in the precautions and procedures required for safe use of radiation, and in the proper use of protective and measurement devices (10 CFR 19.12). The extent of the training is to be commensurate with the potential risk of radiation exposure to the individual.

The primary responsibility for providing adequate training for radiation users rests with their responsible users or supervisors.  Except for students in regularly scheduled laboratory courses, the responsible user or supervisor will generally fulfill this responsibility by assuring that each person participates in the appropriate training program offered by the RSO.  

Following the initial training, each radiation user/responsible user is required to take on-line refresher training annually.  

Users of X-ray machines (Radiographic Science students) will receive specific training from Radiographic Science instructors.  In addition to the training outlined for normally exposed radiation users, Radiographic Science students must also receive instruction on:

  • Effects of machine attributes and usage on pa­tient dose.
  • Source and intensity of scattered radiation.
  • Proper use of gonadal shielding.
  • Placement of dosimeters for monitoring partial-body exposures.
  • Proper use of special shielding devices.

Users of analytical X-ray machines, in addition to the training outlined for normally exposed radiation users, must receive instruction on proper use of shutters, interlocks and other safety devices, and on the requirement for a safety survey following room re-entry or any machine’s modification or repair.

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