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Radiation Safety Training Module
Radiation Safety Training
Study Guide
ISU Technical Safety Office, Campus Box 8106
Pocatello, ID 83209
(208) 282-2311/2310

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10 CFR 19 Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers: Inspection and Investigations
10 CFR 19.12  Instruction to Workers
10 CFR 19.13 Notifications and Reports to Individuals

10 CFR 20 Standards for Protection against Radiation
10 CFR 20.1003 Definitions
10 CFR 20.1004 Units of Radiation Dose
10 CFR 20.1005 Units of Radioactivity
10 CFR 20.1201 Occupational Dose Limits for Adults
10 CFR 20.1207 Occupational Dose Limits for Minors
10 CFR 20.1208 Dose to Embryo/Fetus
10 CFR 20.1502 Conditions Requiring Individual Monitoring of External and Internal Occupational Dose
10 CFR 20.1602 Control of Access to Very High Radiation Areas
10 CFR 20.1801 Security of Stored Material
10 CFR 20.1802 Control of Material Not in Storage
10 CFR 20.1901 Caution Signs
10 CFR 20.1902 Posting Requirements
10 CFR 20.1904 Labeling Containers
10 CFR 20.2102 Records of Radiation Protection Programs
10 CFR 20.2106 Records of Individual Monitoring Results
Appendix B to 10 CFR 20 - ALIs, DACs etc.
Appendix C to Part 20 - Quantities of Licensed Material Requiring Labeling
Idaho State University Radiation Safety Policy Manual
Regulatory Guide 8.29 - Instruction Concerning Risks from Occupational Radiation Exposure
P-32 Ingestion Reports on NMMSS Newsletter
NRC Glossary

Useful References
Health Physics Society Ask the Experts
Health Physics Society Ask the Experts - FAQ Measuring Occupational Exposures
Health Physics Society Ask the Experts - Doses and Dose Calculations
Health Physics Society Ask the Experts - Personnel Monitoring
Health Physics Society Ask the Experts Site - ALARA Principle
Health Physics Society Ask the Experts - Transportation


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