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Radiation Safety Training Module
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ISU Technical Safety Office
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ISU's Organizational Entities

Vice President for Research (VPR)
The Vice President for Research is the official spokesperson for the University on matters pertaining to radiation protection.  The VPR appoints Radiation Safety Committee members.  

Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)
The RSC is the governing body for all aspects of radiation protection within the University, including affiliated research, clinical, instructional and service units using radiation sources in facilities owned or controlled by the University.  The RSC will ensure that all possession, use and disposition of radiation sources by University personnel complies with pertinent federal and state regulations and with the specific conditions of licenses issued to the University, and that all concomitant radiation exposures are maintained as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).  The RSC is empowered and directed to promulgate policies, rules and procedures for the safe use of ionizing radiation.  The RSC reports to the VPR. The RSC has many faculty with expertise in radiation protection.

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
The RSO is the individual appointed by the VPR and approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to administer the radiation protection program and to provide technical guidance to the RSC and to radiation users.  The RSO is authorized and directed to promulgate and enforce such procedures as are necessary to assure compliance with applicable federal and state regulations and to ensure the accurate interpretation and effective implementation of the policies and rules established by the RSC.  The RSO is responsible for receipts, uses, transfers and disposal of radioactive materials. Additionally, the RSO is responsible for investigating deviations from approved radiation safety policy such as spills, losses, thefts,  variations from approved radiation safety practice, and implementing corrective actions as necessary.  The RSO receives direction from the RSC with regard to policy. The RSO provides technical advice to the RSC, radiation users and the administration.  The current RSO is Peter Farina.

Technical Safety Office (TSO)
The TSO is the organizational entity that provides administrative and technical services in support of the radiation protection program.  The Director of the Technical Safety Office, who is normally the RSO, reports to the VPR.

Responsible Users
A "responsible user" is an individual authorized by the Radiation Safety Committee to acquire (via the TSO) and use specific radiation sources and to supervise such use by others. Responsible users are typically the faculty in charge of the research project.

Radiation Users
A "radiation user" is any individual whose official duties or authorized activities include handling, operating, or working in the presence of, any type of radiation source, whether or not such use is confined to a restricted area.

"Badged personnel" are individuals who may receive more than one tenth (10%) of the occupational radiation dose limit in any calendar quarter.  This category includes those personnel who rarely receive more than 100 mrem in any calendar quarter, but who work with radiation sources that could produce such a dose under certain conditions.  The radiation exposures received by these individuals are individually monitored.

"Potentially exposed" personnel are individuals who have a need to enter Restricted Areas as part of their job description or have a potential of exposure to a radiation source but do not normally work in the presence of a radiation field. This category includes custodial, receiving, and security personnel.

Key Words: Vice President for Research, Radiation Safety Committee, Radiation Safety Officer, Technical Safety Office, Responsible User, badged personnel, potentially exposed personnel.
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  Quiz:  Any question regarding radiation at ISU can be directed to which entity:
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  See the TSO's web site here.
ISU's Office of Research.

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