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The Technical Safety Office (TSO) is the organizational entity that provides the administrative and technical services in support of the ISU radiation protection program.  The TSO is located in the Physical Science Building room 101.
Pregnancy Declaration.pdf
RPR 11.pdf
RPR 13A.pdf
RPR 13F.pdf
RPR 14A.pdf
RPR 2D.pdf
TSO RPR Procedures
Idaho State University Radiation Safety Policy Manual

You may request these documents in another format from TSO x2310.

Radiation Links
Code of Federal Regulations
US Nuclear Regulatory Commision 10 CFR
Reporting Safety Concerns to the NRC (NUREG/BR-0240, Revision 6
HazMat Placards
US DOE Technical Standards
The Radiation Information Network
Idaho State University Department of Radiographic Science
National Heath Physics Society
NCRP Reports

Visitor Briefing for ISU
ORAU - Historical Radiation Instrumentation Museum

Airport Radiation Background Report.pdf

Training Materials
On-line Initial Radiation Introduction Training

Online Refresher Training (for people who have already passed the initial training)

Training video for Non-Radiation workers

Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Inventory Training

Laboratory Safety and Use of Radionuclides Training

Contamination Control Power Point Training

Study Guides

  Refresher Training.pdf
  Radiation Safety Training.pdf
   Radiographic Sciences and X-Ray Machines.pdf

  Radiation Safety Training for Custodial Personnel.doc

  Radiation Safety Training for Public Safety Officers.doc

To request a copy of a test, call the TSO at x2310.

Other University Radiation Safety Offices
Michigan State

Tables of Nuclides

The following are links to various tables of nuclides.  The names may be similar, but each page is different.

Periodic Chart of Nuclides (Periodic Table linked to ToRI data of known isotopes for each element.)
Map of Nuclides
Keith Jobe's Pages (Various links to both periodic tables and radionuclide tables.)

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Technical Safety Office
Idaho State University
Campus Box 8106
785 S. 8th St. PS Rm 101 
Pocatello, ID 83209
Phone: (208) 282-2310 or 282-2311
Fax: (208) 282-4649