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The mission of the Technical Safety Office (TSO) is to ensure that radiation and radioactivity, lasers, and hazardous and biomedical wastes at ISU are managed safely and in accordance with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations. The detailed functions of the TSO are contained in the ISU Radiation Safety and Hazardous Waste Policy Manuals. The office is able to provide support and job experience for several students who have qualifications in the appropriate technical areas.

The TSO is housed in the Physics Department but reports administratively to the Vice President for Research. The Director of the TSO is Roy Dunker and the Radiation Safety Officer, a function required by Federal regulation (10CFR20), is Dr. Jay Kunze. For radiation control, the TSO receives technical direction from the Radiation Safety Committee which is appointed by the Vice President for Research.

The mission of the TSO is limited. Examples of activities outside the mission of the TSO are:
-chemical safety except as it pertains directly to hazardous waste;
-general safety including compliance with general State Industrial Commission;
-microwave safety;
-construction safety;
-management of non-hazardous solid waste such as garbage, rubbish, paper or cardboard refuse, and non-contaminated glass.
Many of these activities are accomplished by personnel of the ISU Physical Plant.

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