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Idaho State University Hazardous Waste Policies and Procedures Manual
2003 Edition
This manual was prepared for use within ISU.  It is intended for use by, and applies to ISU employees, staff, visitors, and students.  If this manual or any portion of it is used elsewhere, neither its authors nor the University accept responsibility for its contents.

Printed copies of this manual may be obtained from the Technical Safety Office by calling x2310 (282-2310 if off campus). 

Download manual in .wpd  (note: some of the graphics may not be included in this file)

HTML Version

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
 1.1 Purpose and Scope
 1.2 Environmental Laws and Regulations
 1.3 Waste Generator Status
   1.3.1 Small Quantity Generator Status
   1.3.2 Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator Status

2.0 Program Overview
 2.1 Program Goals
   2.1.1 Protection of Human Health
   2.1.2 Reduction of Hazardous Waste on ISU's Campuses
   2.1.3 Compliance with Laws and Regulations
   2.1.4 Waste Management References

3.0 Health and Safety
 3.1 Training Requirements and Responsibilities
 3.2 Custodial Employees
 3.3 Maintenance and Operations Employees
 3.4 Hazard Communication
 3.5 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
 3.6 University Emergency and Disaster Response

4.0 When is a Waste Hazardous?
 4.1 Characteristic of Ignitability, Corrosivity, or Reactivity
 4.2 EPA Listing of Hazardous Waste
 4.3 Mixtures of Listed and Unlisted Wastes
 4.4 Wastes with New or Unique Characteristics
 4.5 Types of Hazardous Waste
 4.6 Sources of Information Regarding Hazardous Waste
 4.7 Other Types of Wastes

5.0 Specific Hazardous Waste Sources
 5.1 Unknowns
 5.2 Abandoned Material
 5.3 Questionable Purity
 5.4 Expiration Date Surpassed
 5.5 Materials from Discontinued or Completed Activities
 5.6 Excess Stock
 5.7 Spent Cleaning and Wash Solvents
 5.8 Waste Paints and Stains
 5.9 Motor Oil and Filters
 5.10 Mercury
 5.11 Electrical Transformers
 5.12 Fluorescent Light Ballasts
 5.13 Donated for "Free" Hazardous Material
 5.14 Electrical Batteries
 5.15 Photographic and Radiographic Solutions
 5.16 Electrical Lamps
   5.16.1 Sodium Vapor Lamps
   5.16.2 Mercury Vapor Lamps
   5.16.3 Fluorescent Lamps
 5.17 Contaminated Materials

6.0 RCRA Hazardous Waste Management
 6.1 Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Definition
 6.2 SAA Documentation
 6.3 SAA Creation and Responsibilities
   6.3.1 Proper Containers
 6.4 SAA Management
   6.4.1 Waste Generator
   6.4.2 SAA Manager
   6.4.3 SAA Coordinator
   6.4.4 Technical Safety Office
 6.5 Hazardous Waste Containment
 6.6 Hazaroud Waste Labels
 6.7 SAA Monitoring / Waste Tracking
 6.8 Procedures for Satellite Accumulation Areas
 6.9 Procedure for Waste Removal From ISU Campus
 6.10 Spot or Occasional Hazardous Waste Generation
 6.11 Hazardous Waste Treatability Studies

7.0 Other Regulations Affecting ISU
 7.1 Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)
 7.2 Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA)
 7.3 City of Pocatello (NPDES) Permit
 7.4 Clean Air Act (CAA)
 7.5 Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
 7.6 Idaho General Safety and Health Standards
 7.7 Reportable Quantities (RQ)

8.0 Exceptions to Normal Storage and Removal of Hazardous Wastes
 8.1 Peroxides and Peroxide Forming Material
 8.2 Shock-Sensitive Material
 8.3 Water Reactive Material
 8.4 Pyrophoric Compounds
 8.5 Cylindered Gases
 8.6 Suspected Carcinogen, Mutagen, and Teratogen

9.0 Hazardous Waste Minimization Programs
 9.1 Materials Exchange
 9.2 Less Is Better
 9.3 Alternative Material
 9.4 Experimental Quantities
 9.5 The Final Steps

(note: some appendices may still be under construction)

Appendix A - Characteristic Ignitable Waste
Appendix B - Characteristic Corrosive Waste
Appendix C - Characteristic Reactive Waste
Appendix D - Characteristic Toxic Waste
Appendix E - P Listed Waste
Appendix F - U Listed Waste
Appendix G - Peroxide Forming Chemicals
Appendix H - Shock Sensitive Chemicals
Appendix I - Water Reactive Chemicals
Appendix J - Pyrophoric Chemicals
Appendix K - City of Pocatello NPDES Chemicals of Concern
Appendix L - Chain of Custody Form
Appendix M - SAA Inspection Record
Appendix N - Chemical Labels
Appendix O - Emergency Spill Response Instructions
Appendix P - Emergency Notification Form
Appendix Q - SAA Label
Appendix R - SAA Registration / Termination or Information Form
Appendix S - Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix T - Regulatory Status of Spent Batteries
Appendix U - F Listed Wastes

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