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  The Technical Safety Office has recently been charged with the task of assisting the newly formed Laser Safety Committee.  This page is reserved for laser safety related issues.

    The Laser Safety Committee has finished the final revision of the new ISU Laser Safety Policy Manual.  It was signed by the Laser Safety Officer and Vice President for Academic Affairs on December 21, 2002, and is now University policy.  The signed copy is kept in TSO records.  Copies of this manual may be obtained by following links below to download from the internet or calling the TSO at x2310 and requesting a printed copy.

ISU Laser Safety Policy Manual (PDF)
ISU Laser Safety Policy Manual (HTML) 
ISU Laser Safety Policy Manual (DOC)

Links that may be of use: (we are not responsible for their contents)
University of Missouri-Rolla Laser Safety Program
University of Pennsylvania Laser Safety Overview
Vanderbilt Laser Safety Training
Princeton University Laser Safety
University of Arizona Laser Safety Manual
University of Texas-Austin Laser Safety
Iowa State University Laser Safety Program

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