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The following are links to various hazardous waste training and reference materials used by the TSO, or that the TSO may find to be of help to you.

Please note that this training material is intended for use at ISU.  If this material is used anywhere else, neither the University, nor its authors accept responsibility for its content.

Hazardous Waste Training for ISU Custodial Employees

Hazardous Waste Awareness Video

Hazardous Waste Training for ISU Public Safety Officers / Dispatchers

Other Available Materials
These materials are kept on hand in the Technical Safety Office and may be borrowed by other ISU personnel.  To obtain this material, contact the TSO at x2310.

The Sigma Aldrich Library of Regulatory and Safety Data
Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary
The Environmental Managers Compliance Advisor
BLR Environmental Compliance
MSDS Training Information - (several posters/packets/worksheets)
Genium's Handbook of Safety, Health, and Environmental Data
RCRA Regulations and Keyword Index - 2002 Edition (2003 Edition may 
be used in the TSO Office only)
Chemical Safety in the Laboratory Video
Safety- Isn't It Worth It? Video
Handling Hazardous Chemicals Video
New Directions in Emergency Eye Care Video
MANY Chemical Supply Catalogs
MANY Safety Supply Catalogs
MANY Biological Supply Catalogs
MANY Transportation / Shipping Supply Catalogs
HAZCOM System Materials
Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Materials
PPE Usage Materials
Proper Chemical Labelling Materials

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