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Infectious Waste Policies and Procedures Manual
Idaho State University (HTML version) 2002 Edition

Chapter 1 - Introduction

    The purpose of this manual is to provide important information about infectious waste for Idaho State University.  Proper infectious waste management is important in order to provide healthy and safe working conditions for faculty, staff, and students; to protect the environment, and ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  If there are situations that this manual does not address, or if questions arise regarding the procedures it contains, contact a hazardous waste specialist at the ISU Technical Safety Office.  For emergency situation please refer to the table of phone numbers at the FRONT of this manual.

    Please note that this document is not a general infectious material safety manual.  Safe acquisition, storage and use of infectious materials is handled by the College, Department, or other applicable unit within the University, with guidance by the ISU Campus Safety Committee.  This manual is applicable only to the generation, minimization, storage, and disposal of infectious waste.  Nevertheless, many of the afe work practices and information identified in this manual for the handling of waste are applicable to infectious materials in general.  General compliance information for blood-borne pathogens (i.e. HIV & HBV) can be found in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1910.1030 and the Idaho General Health and Safety Standards sub-section 330.04.

    This manual was prepared for use within ISU.  It is intended for use by, and applies to, ISU personnel.  If this manual or any portion of it is used elsewhere, neither its authors nor the University accept responsibility for its contents.

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