CW Electron Beams at 30 MeV
Pulse Stretchers – Microtrons and Superconducting Linacs

Dr. Townsend Zwart
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory for Nuvlear Science

A variety of techniques are possible for the production of CW electron beams at 30 MeV.  Short linac pulses can be stored in a ring and extracted quasi-continuously over  timescales from milliseconds  to seconds. The design and performance of the MIT Bates South Hall Ring  pulse stretcher will be presented. The performance of the Bates ring using 1/2 integer resonant extraction will also be compared with the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher ring using 1/3 integer resonant extraction. Other facilities exist that produce CW beams in this energy regime. Two examples, the Mainz microtron and the ELBE Superconducting accelerator will also be briefly presented.