When Topology Meets Many-body Physics  
             -- the Making of 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics 

Dr. Yong-Shi Wu
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Utah

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics has been announced to be awarded to three many-body theorists in the United States: David Thouless (half prize), F. Duncan Haldane and Michael Koserlitz (sharing the other half). The prize recognizes their pioneering research on topological phase transitions and topological phases. In this colloquium,  the mathematics and physics behind the awardees' foundational breakthrough will be explained at a level accessible to physics students. The prospects of topological physics will be briefly discussed. 

The speaker was fortunate to know and to collaborate with two of the prize winners in early 80's. Some stories of his personal experience with these science masters will be told too.