Nuclear Fuel Cycle Science at the Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Donald Wood
Fuel Cycle Science and Technologies
Idaho National Laboratory

The current state of innovative research at the INL, aimed at developing and improving systems within the nuclear fuel cycle, will be reviewed. The recent launch of the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute in support of actinide science with graduate fellowship opportunities will be highlighted.
Dr. Donald Wood is a senior technical advisor in Idaho National Laboratory’s Fuel Cycle Science and Technologies Program. He earned his doctorate in analytical chemistry from University of Idaho, where his research focused on radiochemical techniques in liquid phase solvent extraction and neutron activation analysis. He first came to INL as a member of the INTEC research group headed by Dr. Terry Todd. That group focused on treatment of acidic high sodium radioactive liquid wastes and development of solvent extraction techniques, predictive modelling of complex waste treatment strategies, and implementation of new centrifugal contactor technology for waste processing. In 1999, he entered the private sector and built a business.  From 2012 to 2014, he was one of six international experts at the International Beverage Exposition and Conference in Shenzhen, China. In this capacity he acted as a liaison for industry to emerging markets in China. He returned to INL in 2018. Dr. Wood is currently the Deputy Director for the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute at the INL.