KsLambda Photoproduction on the Neutron Within the Resonance Region

Dr. Charles Taylor
Idaho State University
Department of Physics

The main purpose of this study is the measurement of the differential cross section of the gamma-n to Ks-Lambda reaction using the g13a dataset.  The dataset was collected in 2007 on the CLAS detector system at Jefferson Laboratory using a polarized photon beam between 1.3 to 2.3 GeV on a deuterium target.  Similar to previous experiments with a deuterium target, this setup allows for the study of events from photon interaction off the neutron. However, g13a uniquely offers a circularly polarized beam (unlike the unpolarized photon beam used in the g10 experiment), allowing for the examination of the polarization observables and the hyperon recoil polarization.  Currently there are no published data on the cross sections for this reaction.