Electromagnetic Fields and Health -- Will Your Cell Phone Kill You?

Dr. John E. Sohl
Weber State University
Department of Physics

We are all immersed in electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are human generated—from cell phones to home wiring. This is a relatively new phenomenon; we have only been soaking ourselves big-time in EMF for about 60 years. (Prior to WWII the doses were much smaller with the earliest exposures starting in 1886 when Heinrich Hertz first experimented with radio waves. The availability of transistor and integrated circuits in the 1960’s accelerated our dose rate.) Public awareness and concern started in 1989 with the publication of an article by Paul Brodeur in the New Yorker magazine, since then it has been a media frenzy.

So, will EMF radiation kill you? How does it affect us? What are the physical mechanisms of the process? Which frequencies should concern us? What are the health statistics? What are the dosage standards and why? The answer is: “yes and no.” Come to the seminar and find out why.