Recent developments in ion beam modification and ion beam analysis of materials

Dr. Lin Shao
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ion implantation and ion beam analysis are powerful tools for characterization and modification of materials by means of bombarding solids with energetic ions. Although the techniques have been highly developed during the past half century, they face new challenges as material processing approaches the nanometer scales. This talk will present recent achievements in overcoming technology barriers of ion implantation in microelectronic processing. Particularly, the novel techniques of defect engineering and strain engineering for ultrashallow junction formation (<10 nm) and ultrathin layer transfer (<20 nm) for the fabrication of next generation silicon-based microelectronic devices will be discussed. Also discussed will be the recent developments in Rutherford backscattering and elastic recoil detection analysis for more precise determination of lattice location of impurities and radiation damage in crystalline solids. Examples presented in the talk cover ion-solid interactions with ion energies in the range from a few hundred eV to a few MeV. This talk will give an overview of the status and perspective of several cutting-edge techniques in ion beam processing.