Neutron, High-energy Proton and Low-energy Proton Irradiation Damage in Metals

Dr. Bulent Sencer
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Materials Science and Technology Division
(MST-8)-Structure/Property Relations   

Neutron Irradiation Study:
"Comparison of swelling behavior of fcc-austenitic and bcc-ferritic/martensitic alloys at high neutron exposures"

High-Energy (800 MeV) Proton Irradiation Study:
"Correlation of radiation-induced changes in mechanical properties and microstructural development of Inconel 718 irradiated with mixed spectra of high-energy protons and spallation neutrons"

Low-Energy (3 MeV) Proton Irradiation Study:
"The influence of oversized solute additions on radiation induced changes and post-irradiation intergranular stress corrosion cracking behavior in high-purity 316 stainless steels"