Introduction to IAEA Safeguards

Amanda Rynes
Idaho National laboratory

The International Atomic Energy Agency currently safeguards over 900 facilities in 170 countries around the world. Under the state's safeguards agreement the IAEA determines the completeness and correctness of each country's declarations while attempting the timely detection of missing material. This talk will give an overview of the IAEA's international safeguards regime; discussing the evolution of the agreements in place, the goals of the Agency, facilities under safeguards and fielded equipment. Critical to the IAEA's mission is the ability to expand and develop the next generation of safeguards experts and the equipment fielded, especially as the number of safeguarded facilities and amount of material continues to grow. To meet this demand Idaho National Laboratory (INL) contributes through equipment development, training and student programs. The discussion will cover an overview of INL's capability as well as student opportunities through internships and INMM participation.