Cinco: A Pulsed-Power Driver to Generate High Energy-Density States

Dr. David Reisman
Idaho Accelerator Center
Idaho State University

We have developed the conceptual design of Cinco: a pulsed-power generator that delivers a shaped current pulse with a peak value as high as 5 MA to a strip-line load.  The peak magnetic pressure achieved within an 8-mm wide load is as high as 1 Mbar (100 GPa).  Cinco is powered by 60 “bricks” connected in a parallel, current-adder configuration.  Each brick consists of a single switch in series with two capacitors connected electrically in parallel.  The bricks can be individually triggered to achieve a degree of current pulse tailoring.  Cinco has a compact, 2-meter square, footprint. This allows the machine to be movable and placed at a synchrotron facility to perform dynamic x-ray diffraction of samples. This coupling of a compact, pulsed-power driver to high-energy x-ray sources will open new areas of physics.  Cinco will drive a wide variety of high-pressure, dynamic-materials experiments to investigate equation-of-state, material strength, phase transitions, and other high-energy-density material properties.