Alternative Technologies for Next Generation Solar

Dr. Kristin Rabosky
Department of Physics
Weber State University

Photovoltaic (PV) installations have seen tremendous growth globally in the previous few years.  These installations benefit from the maturity of the silicon industry, which is the basis for the majority of solar panels deployed in the field today. Silicon based solar panels have seen a stark decline in consumer costs; however, the processes to develop Si are costly and energy intensive.  Concentrated systems and thin film systems are alternative technologies, which may be able to  improve on current Si devices [1]. These alternative technologies face development challenges with regards to materials/device optimization. In industry previously and at Weber State University,  Dr. Rabosky has been working with various new solar conversion materials and devices to address these challenges.

[1] K. Kiriluk Rabosky. “Beyond Silicon: Alternative Photovoltaic Technologies.” IEEE Technologies  for Sustainability (SUSTECH) Conference Proceedings (2015), 131. (Invited)