Research Opportunities In the Areas of Classical CMOS and Emerging New Devices

Dr. Jagdish Prasad
Senior Scientist/AMIS Fellow
AMI Semiconductor

The fast pace of MOSFET scaling is accelerating the introduction of new technologies to extend CMOS beyond 40 nm technology nodes. This acceleration requires the semiconductor industry to intensify research in two highly challenging areas simultaneously. One area of research is scaling CMOS well below 90 nm and the other is an exciting opportunity to invent fundamentally new concepts to signal processing to sustain functional scaling beyond the domain of CMOS.

In this presentation we will discuss research opportunities in the areas of: 1.classical CMOS, 2.non-classical CMOS structures and memory technologies, and 3.completely new and revolutionary technological and architectural concepts for signal processing and information applications. The presentation will provide an industry perspective on emerging new device technologies and will serve as a bridge between bulk CMOS and the realm of microelectronics beyond the end of CMOS scaling.