Overview of Reactor Safety Research at INL that Supports Safe Operation of Nuclear Power

William Phoenix
Idaho National laboratory

A large portion of the Idaho National Laboratory is within sight of the Idaho State University Campus, yet most people know very little about the extensive safety research programs that have been conducted over the past 60 years on light water reactors, liquid metal fast breeder reactors, and others.  Data and knowledge from these programs help underpin the safe operation of the current fleet of 104 American light water reactors and a large fraction of foreign reactors.  Bill Phoenix will give his perspective, including person experience, on some of the research and its impact on the commercial industry, and research supporting the high temperature gas cooled reactor.  Bill began his nuclear power career in 1966 at the Idaho National Laboratory when he was a physics undergraduate at Idaho State University and spent most of the rest of it starting up and supporting various commercial light water reactors throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.