Neutron-Based Radiotherapy Research at the INL

Dr. David Nigg
Nuclear Science and Engineering Division
Idaho National Laboratory

The Idaho National Laboratory has been active in the field of neutron-based radiotherapy for cancer since 1987, with a particular emphasis on Neutron Capture Therapy and Neutron Capture Augmented Fast-Neutron Therapy.   In this seminar, Dr. David W. Nigg, INL Principal Investigator for Advanced Radiotherapy Programs, will discsuss the history and basic biophysics of neutron-based radiotherapy modalities, along with some details of several recent INL activities in the field.   These will include reactor and accelerator-based neutron source development (including some work done in collaboration with the Idaho Accelerator Center), experimental medical neutron beam dosimetry, computational dosimetry and treatment planning, and a current collaboration with the University of Missouri and the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina, focused on development of improved biochemical boron delivery agents for neutron capture therapy.