Coherent Spin Control of Organic Electronics

Dr. Dane R. McCamey
Department of Physics
University of Utah

Organic electronics are becoming increasingly important for the global electronic industry due to their efficiency, flexibility and economy.  However, basic questions still remain regarding the fundamental physical processes which allow their operation. Of particular interest is the impact of spin on properties as varied as recombination and magnetoresistance.  Recently, we have demonstrated how the current through an organic device can be changed by coherently manipulating the spin of the charge carriers [1]. The theoretical basis for these experiments, as well as their implementation, will be presented. From these experiments, we determine that the charge carriers have surprisingly long coherence times. The impact of these results will be discussed with regard to basis physical processes and possible spintronic applications.

[1] D. R. McCamey et al, Spin Rabi flopping in the photocurrent of an organic light‐emitting diode. Nature Materials 7, 723 (2008)