Applications of High Power THz Light Source and its Successful Generation at the IAC

Dr. Yujong Kim
Idaho State University
Department of Physics & IAC,
Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory

The coherent Terahertz (THz or T-ray) radiation with a wavelength of around 0.3 mm and a photon energy of around 4 meV  is one of next generation light sources. Recently, demand on the coherent THz light source with a high intensity has been dramatically increasing, and various new user applications have been developing. Its one of well-known user applications is the millimeter wave (or 3D naked) body scanners at airports, which are operating for security screening at airports. Since the THz light source is a non-ionizing radiation which does not induce severe radiation damages in human body, various medical applications such as detection of teeth cavity and diagnoses of the early-stage breast cancer or skin cancer are possible. During this seminar, speaker will talk about basic properties of the THz light source, various medical and security related user applications. Then, speaker will talk about the recent successful experiment results of high power THz generation at the Idaho Accelerator Center.

THz Application Images

[THz applications: security scanner at airports and epithelial cancer diagnostics]

 courtesy of iStockphoto and TeraView