Various Gun and Linac Options for the ALPHA Project at Indiana University

Yujong Kim
Department of Physics
Indiana University

To study survivability of modern microelectronic technologies in space or in man-made high threat environments, the Crane Division of Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) and Indiana University have been constructing a radiation effect test facility (ALPHA) at Indiana University. From March 2010, commissioning of the ALPHA project phase-I was started. The ALPHA facility consists of a 60 MeV electron linear accelerator, an injection beamline, a compact electron storage ring with a circumference of 20 m, and an extraction beamline with the nonlinear beam spreading optics. During this talk, speaker will shortly introduce to the ALPHA facility and design concepts of the injection beamline, the storage ring, and the extraction beamline. Then, speaker will focus on various gun and linac options for the ALPHA project phase-II.