A Brief Tour of Big Bang Cosmology

Dr. Mahbub Khandaker
Idaho State University
Department of Physics

The story of our Universe, from the beginning to its end, has always intrigued mankind throughout history.  Trying to address some of the really big questions about the structure of the Universe - how big is it? how old is it? how did the Universe begin and what is its possible fate? - we have come a long way towards understanding the structure and dynamics of our Universe.  S2/25/13, antarting with the age-old question of `why is the night sky dark?', this talk will present a brief journey through the Universe, from the beginning to its possible ultimate fate, painted with a broad brush.  What we know about the expansion and age of the Universe, the standard Big Bang Model cosmology and what are the present-day evidences for it, what is the possible nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, are some of the topics that we will cover in this non-technical presentation.