Materials Characterization via 3D Image Processing & Analysis

Dr. Joshua Kane
Idaho National Laboratory 

 Modern computing technology has made 3D imaging of materials accessible to the majority of materials researchers, and the resulting awe-inspiring images are becoming much more common in research journals.  Unfortunately, the majority of images are used solely as impressive figures in reports, manuscripts, and presentations.  3D imaging has much more potential, especially for the quantitative characterization of structural features.

This presentation will provide insight into the combined use of signal processing, set theory, and mathematical morphology for the quantification of 3D structures.  In turn, the resulting techniques will be used to quantify features in real materials of interest to Idaho National Laboratory for extreme reactor environments.  Such materials include structural graphite and Nickel based super alloys for High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors and preliminary surrogate fuel compacts for the LEU conversion and restart of Transient Reactor Test Facility, commonly referred to as TREAT.