Active Techniques for the Real-Time Detection, Identification and Quantification of Fissionable Materials

Dr. Alan W. Hunt
Idaho Accelerator Center
State University
Recently there has been increased interest in detecting, identifying and quantifying fissionable materials nondestructively for security and nonproliferation applications.  In this presentation, I discuss the motivation for this research and accelerator based techniques for fissionable material detection.  All the techniques use a high-energy bremsstrahlung beam to probe the material of interest.  The irradiation of fissionable material by high-energy bremsstrahlung induces photofission reactions.  Almost immediately after a fission reaction, prompt neutrons and g-rays are emitted.  At much longer times delayed neutrons and g-rays are also emitted from the highly-excited fission fragments.  The detection of any of these emissions can provide a signature of fissionable materials.