NIFFTE – a Neutron Induced Fission Fragment Tracking Experiment

Dr. Tony Hill

Research & Innovation in Science & Engineering (RISE)
Idaho State University

High-precision fission experiments have become a priority within the low-energy nuclear community in the development and support of nuclear applications. Modern sensitivity calculations have revealed unacceptable liabilities in some of the underlying fundamental nuclear data and have provided target accuracies for new measurements that are well beyond what can be delivered using standard nuclear experimental techniques.  A potential breakthrough in the precision barrier for fission measurements is the deployment of a Time Projection Chamber (TPC).  TPC detector systems were originally developed in the particle physics community and have played a central role in that field for over 25 years.  A group of 6 Universities and 4 US National Laboratories have undertaken the task of implementing the first miniaturized TPC, designed specifically for the purpose of measuring fission cross sections in unprecedented detail.  In this talk, the fission TPC program will be presented, recent highlights will be detailed and future plans discussed.

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