Scientific Adventures in Industrial Warehousing

Chris Eckman
Simulation Engineer
Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics is the second largest cold chain network in the world, and plays a crucial role in the global food supply chain.  Our company freezes and stores everything from baby back ribs for the Fourth of July to Boeing airplane wings. Lineage owns and operates over 120 frozen warehouses in 26 states and Europe and moves ~100lbs of food per person in the United States each year.  In course of our operation Lineage consumes ~1024 TJ of energy at a cost of over $60,000,000 per year.

Most all of the warehouses are out of date and have no rhyme or reason for why they sometime do illogical or inefficient practices.  As the Data Analytics dug deeper into problems, more it became apparent, there are massive efficiencies to be gained here.  By using physics, mathematics, robotics, programing and straight up common sense, we were able to save energy, decrease labor, increase throughput, and increase storage density. We have only really seen the tip of the ice burg.  Come and hear how Lineage is leading the way in creating the future of industrial warehousing today!