Atomically-Thin Materials: Novel Devices and Physics

Dr. Vikram Deshpande
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Utah

Graphene, the Nobel-prize-winning single layer of graphite, has attracted much attention due to its superior properties such as extreme mechanical strength, optical transparency and high electrical/thermal conductivity, leading to prospective applications in flexible electronics and energy conversion devices. More recently, other layered materials (including insulators, semiconductors and superconductors) are being studied in the single-layer limit. I will talk about my work in this area synthesizing these materials and nano-fabricating devices. In particular, I will discuss two types of devices I have developed using atomically-thin materials: single electron transistors and nanomechanical resonators, and their application in uncovering intricate physical phenomena. I will end with the outlook for my new lab the University of Utah and a description of some experiments in progress.