Laser-Compton Scattering from Intermediate Energy Electron Beams

Dr. Khalid Chouffani
Idaho Accelerator Center

Laser Compton scattering experiments were carried out at the Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC) using the high current, 50 ps long 5-44 MeV LINAC. LCS X-rays were generated as a result of an approximate head-on collision of relativistic electrons with optical photons from a high peak power (4 GW),short pulse (250 ps long) Nd:YAG laser.  X-rays of various energies were generated using different laser wavelengths i.e. second and fourth harmonic.LCS x-rays were used for XRF experiments and x-ray transmission/absorption measurements in Al, Nd, Pb and Bi foils of different thicknesses. In addition, 50 keV x-rays were also used to generate x-ray images of various samples.  Recent experimental studies show the dual applications of LCS as a useful x-ray source with application to biomedical imaging, hybrid k-edge densitometry and material science as well as a non-destructive electron beam monitor.