Is Gravity a Metric Phenomena?

Dr. Hector Calderone
Department of Physics
Idaho State University

Despite the success of General Relativity (GR) at describing all current gravitational observations, there is no quantum theory that approaches to GR in its classical limit. In the search for a quantizable GR replacement, one looks for theories that satisfy several broad principles. In particular, one calls for the Einstein Equivalence Principle (EEP) because the several aspects of this principle have been experimentally tested.

It has long been argued that the validity of EEP implies the three postulates of Metric Theories of Gravity (MTG), which are theories where the gravitational field is encoded, at least partially, in the so-called metric. GR is a MTG. Had this conjecture be proven false, new opportunities open in the quest for a GR replacement.

In this talk, I will present yet another set of necessary and sufficient conditions for the gravitational forces to be derivable from a metric. I will also show how this new approach leads to new easy methods to solve the Einstein equations of GR.