Quantum Fields Near Phantom-Energy `Sudden' Singularities

Dr. Hector Calderon
Department of Physics
Idaho State University 

In this talk we will review some results of quantum field theory in curved spacetimes for calculations about the neighborhood of a type of future singularity driven by phantom energy (a type of dark energy).

After a brief course in cosmology and the experimental results behind dark energy, we will discuss the general behavior of barotropic phantom energy and the type of singularities it produces. We will consider the semiclassical formula for renormalized stress tensors of conformally invariant fields in conformally flat spacetimes and analyze the softening/enhancing of the singularity due to quantum vacuum contributions. This dynamical analysis is then compared to results from thermodynamical considerations. We will find that in both cases, the vacuum states of quantized scalar and spinor fields strengthen the accelerating expansion near the singularity whereas the vacuum states of vector fields weaken it.