Introduction to Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

Dr. Ralph Bennett
Director, International and Regional Partnerships
Idaho National laboratory

There is currently 370 GWe of nuclear power capacity in operation around the world—producing 15% of the world’s electricity—the largest share provided by any non-greenhouse-gas-emitting source. However, challenges still exist to long term deployment of nuclear:  (1) nuclear energy must be more sustainable from the standpoint of its utilization of uranium or thorium ores as well as the management and disposal of nuclear waste, (2) the plants must be economically competitive and their safety must remain of paramount importance, (3) their deployment must be undertaken in a manner that can guarantee worldwide non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and (4) some of the plants should help meet anticipated future needs for a broader range of energy products beyond electricity.  Generation IV nuclear energy systems are aimed at meeting these challenges by delivering unprecedented performance.  Dr. Bennett will describe the six systems being developed under Generation IV by a collaborative effort of the world's nuclear R&D community.

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