The ISIS Accelerator Project at Idaho State University

Dr. Wendland Beezhold
Department of Physics
Idaho State University

I will give a short overview of the ISIS accelerator project at the Idaho State University Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC).   The Idaho State Induction accelerator System (ISIS) is a unique pulsed-power high current electron accelerator donated to ISU by Titan/PSI Corp. of San Leandro, CA.   ISIS can produce a 9.5 MeV electron beam at a beam current of 10-15 kA in a 35-ns pulse.  This beam current is a factor of ~ 1000 times higher than conventional RF LINACs and moves us into a new regime of electron beam related research at ISU.  The talk will include a summary of 1) ISIS technical specs, 2) the new IAC building addition project for housing ISIS, 3) the role of ISIS in our new DoD project, and 4) a brief description of a number of other potential ISIS applications.