Fall 2013    Schedule

Aug. 26 Rick Spielman, Idaho Accelerator Center, Energy Losses in High Current-Density Conductors
Sept. 2
Labor Day, No Colloquium

Sept. 9
Dr. John Armstrong, Weber State University, Exoplanets And The New Habitable Zone
Sept. 16
Dr. Steve Herring, Idaho National Laboratory, Thorium as a Reactor Fuel
Sept. 23 Dr. Dan Dale, Idaho State University, Electron Accelerator Based Radiotracer Production for Hydrocarbon Extraction

Sept. 30 Dr. Mahbub Khandakar, Idaho State University, The Proton Radius Puzzle

Oct. 7
Dr. JR Dennison, Utah State University, Radiation Induced Conductivity and Cathodoluminescence of Disordered SiO2

Oct. 14 Dr. Adam Johnston, Weber State University, Conceiving Facts, Laws, and Theories of Science

Oct. 21
Dr. Christoph Boehme, University of Utah, Promises and Challenges of Organic Spintronics  

Oct. 28
Dr. Eric Hintz, Brigham Young UniversityThe Effects of Cadence of Astronomical Time-Series Observations
Nov. 4 Colloquium Canceled

Nov. 11
Martin Hackworth, Idaho State University, Motercycle and Bicycle Physics
Nov. 18
Dr. Phillip Cole, Idaho State UniversityStudying Baryon Resonances with the CLAS Detector at Jefferson Lab

Nov. 25
Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium

Dec. 2
Dr. Alba Perez Gracia, Idaho State University,  The Design of Robotic Hands
Dec. 9 Dr. Rick Spielman, Idaho Accelerator CenterPulsed Power Options for Nuclear Fusion

Spring 2014    Schedule

Jan. 13
Dr. Scott Bergeson, Brigham Young University, Fusion Physics at 1 Kelvin

Jan. 20
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan 27
Dr. Stacy Palen, Weber State UniversityThe Death of Sun-Like Stars

Feb. 3
Dr. Stephan McNeil, Brigham Young University Idaho, Searching for Dwarf Galaxies in Voids in order to Constrain Cold Dark Matter Models

Feb. 10
Dr. A.J Caffrey, Idaho National Laboratory,  Seeing Through Steel:  Nondestructive Evaluation of Deadly Substances by Spectroscopy of Neutron-Induced Gamma Rays

Feb. 17
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 24
Dr. Mehdi Meziane, Duke University, The Size of the Proton

Mar. 3
Dr. Matthew Kinlaw, Idaho National Laboratory, Neutron Multiplicity Analysis

Mar. 10
Dr. Shanti Deemyad, University of Utah, Lithium Under High Pressure

Mar. 17
Dr. Barry Parker, Professor EmeritusIdaho State University, How Physics has Been Used Throughout History to Develop "Wonder Weapons" of War

Mar. 24
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 31
Dr. Bradley Carroll, Weber State University450 Years of  Pulsating Stars: From Fabricius to the Kepler Spacecraft

Apr. 7
Dr. Dmitri Tenne, Boise State University, Raman Spectroscopy for Characterization of Crystalline Phases and Phase Transformations in Multifunctional Oxide Nanostructures

Apr. 14
Dr. Mark Riffe, Utah State University, Ugo Fano and his Curious Profile
Apr. 21 Dr. Lawrence Rees, Brigham Young University, Recent Neutron Detector Development at BYU
Apr. 28 Amanda Rynes, Idaho National Laboratory, Introduction to IAEA Safeguards

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Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

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