Fall 2012    Schedule

Aug. 27 Dr. Mahbub Khandaker, Idaho State University, Welcome, Orientation, and Research Overview
Sept. 3
Labor Day, No Colloquium

Sept. 10
 Dr. Jason Harris, Idaho State UniversityNeutron Flux Sensor Evaluations at the Idaho National Laboratory
Sept. 17
Dr. Daniel Fologea, Boise State University, Biophysical Properties of Lysenin Channels
Sept. 24 Colloquium Canceled

Oct. 1
Dean George Imel, Dr. Michael Lineberry, Idaho State University, The Future of the IAC and RISE

Oct. 8
Dr. David Peak, Utah State University, Desperately Seeking (the origin of) Intelligence

Oct. 15 Dr. Victor Migenes, Brigham Young University, MASERs: A Very Special Window to the Universe

Oct. 22
Dr. Jay Norris, Boise State UniversityHeterogeneity in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

Oct. 29
Dr. Branton Campbell, Brigham Young University, Diffraction as a Probe of Local Atomic Structure in Functional Materials 
Nov. 5 Dr. Mahbub Khandaker, Idaho State UniversityA Brief Tour of Big Bang Cosmology

Nov. 12
Dr. Pedro Jimenez-Delgado, Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory, Unveiling the Structure of the Nucleon in High-energy Collisions
Nov. 19
Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium

Nov. 26
Dr. Rene' Rodriguez, Idaho State University, PECVD Deposited Germanium Selenide Films for Memory Devices 

Dec. 3
Dr. Eric Grimsrud, Montana State UniversityA Consensus Scientific View of Past, Present and Future Climates
Dec. 10 Colloquium Canceled

Spring 2013    Schedule

Jan. 14
Dr. Charles Taylor, Idaho State University, KsLambda Photoproduction on the Neutron Within the Resonance Region  

Jan. 21
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan 28
Dr. Alejandro Garcia, University of Washington, Searches for New Currents in Nuclear Beta Decays

Feb. 4
Todd Corsetti, ON SemiconductorON Semiconductor Pocatello Idaho Site Overview

Feb. 11
Dr. Yjong Kim, Idaho State University, Applications of High Power THz Light Source and its Successful Generation at the IAC

Feb. 18
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 25
Dr. Philip ColeIdaho State University, The Excited Baryon Program with CLAS and CLAS12 of JLab

Mar. 4
Dr. Richard Ingebretsen, University of Utah, High Velocity Injuries

Mar. 11
Dr. Richard Datwyler, Brigham Young University Idaho, A Numerical Algoritm for Simulating Two Species Plasma

Mar. 18
Dr. Brian Pyper, Brigham Young University IdahoPhysics Education Research (PER): The PER-Friendly Classroom and the Importance of Reasoning

Mar. 25
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Apr. 1
Dr. Saveez Saffarian, University of Utah, Biophysics of Enveloped Virus Assembly

Apr. 8
Sadiq Setiniyaz, Idaho State UniversityA Positron Production Efficiency Measurement using the IAC’S
High Repetition Rate LINAC

Apr. 15
Dr. DeWayne Derryberry, Idaho State UniversityQuantitative Aspects of Games of Chance in General, and Tournament Poker in Particular
Apr. 22 Dr. David Kieda, University of Utah, Uncovering Pulsar Dynamics and Evolution using VHE Gamma Rays
Apr. 29 Dr. Feng Liu, University of UtahOrganic Topological Insulators in Organometallic Lattices

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Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

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