Fall 2011    Schedule

Aug. 22
Dr. Doug Wells, Chair, Idaho State University Department of Physics, Director, Idaho Accelerator Center, Welcome and Introductions  

Aug. 29 Colloquium Canceled due to University Faculty Meeting
Sept. 5
Labor Day, No Colloquium

Sept. 12
 Dr. Fabrizio Pinto,  Intersteller Technologies CorporationQuantum Vacuum Engineering: The Long Road from Epicurean "Hooked Atoms" to Nanodevices Actuated by Absolutely Empty Space
Sept. 15 Dr. Jose Goity, Hampton UniversityThe Chiral Dynamics of QCD

Sept. 19
Dr. Pearl SandickUniversity of Utah, High Hopes and Low Cross Sections
Sept. 26 Dr. Stephen JohnsonIdaho National laboratoryRadioisotope Power Systems: Past, Present and Future

Oct. 3
Dr. Michael Barti, University of Utah, Bioinspired Photonic Crystals: Design, Structure, and Function

Oct. 10
Dr. Inese Ivans, University of UtahCosmic Building Blocks -- Stellar Insights

Oct. 17 Dr. Khalid Chouffani, Idaho Accelerator CenterLaser-Compton Scattering Experiments From Intermediate Energy Electron Beams

Oct. 24
Dr. Stephen Turcotte, Brigham Young University Idaho, Wind Speed Measurements in the Snake River Valley

Oct. 31
Dr. Hellen Farrell, Idaho National  LaboratoryA Universal Model for Nanoparticle Size Effects
Nov. 7 Dr. Bo Zhao, Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityThe Quest for Two Photon Exchange in Electron Scattering

Nov. 14
Dr. Alan Hunt, Idaho Accelerator CenterThe Active Detection of Fissionable Materials using a 2D Signature Phase Space and Signature Interferences
Nov. 21
Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium

Nov. 28
Tamar Didberidze, Idaho State University, Quark Spin in the Nucleon

Dec. 5
Dr. John Sohl, Weber State University, White Death - The Science of Avalanches 

Spring 2012    Schedule

Jan. 9
 Dr. Tony Forrest, Idaho State UniversityInelastic Physics Asymmetries

Jan. 16
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan. 23
Dr. Hector Calderon, Idaho State UniversityIs Gravity a Metric Phenomena?

Jan 30
Dr. Alexander Stanculescu, Idaho National laboratory, Status of International Advanced Reactor Technology Development 

Feb. 6
Dr. Kyle Dawson, University of UtahSurveying the Universe, 1000 Objects at a Time

Feb. 13
Bindu KC, Idaho State University, Photonuclear Production of Cu-67 and the Issues Associated

Feb. 20
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 27
Dr. Pushpa Raghani, Boise State UniversityElectronic Structure of Materials From First Principles

Mar. 5
Dr. Daniel SchroederWeber State UniversityParadigms and Paradoxes of Computational Physics ,  (link to slides)

Mar. 12
Dr. Lisa Goss, Idaho State UniversityThe Role of Chemistry in Production of Cu-67 for Medical Use

Mar. 19
Dr. Marat Khafizov, Idaho National  LaboratoryApplication of Ultrafast Spectroscopy in Materials Science

Mar. 26
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Apr. 2
Dr. Scott SommerfeldtBrigham Young University, Active Noise Control: Is It Good for Anything?,  (link to slides)

Apr. 9
Dr. Daniel Ginosar, Idaho National  Laboratory, Catalysis for Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Cycles,  (link to slides)

Apr. 16
 Dr. Steve Turley, Brigham Young University, It's Rough Reflecting Short Wavelengths
Apr. 23 Colloquium Canceled

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Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

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