Fall 2004    Schedule

Aug. 23
Dr. Doug Wells, Dr. Wendland Beezhold, Dr. Philip Cole, and Dr. Eddie Tatar, ISU Physics Research Summaries

Aug. 30
Dr. Doug Wells, ISU Physics, Radiation Research Opportunities at the IAC: A Sales-Pitch

Sept. 6
Labor Day, No Colloquium

Sept. 13
Dr. Eduardo Farfan,  South Carolina State University, A Probabilistic Respiratory Tract Dosimetry Model with Applications to Alpha-Paraticle, Beta-Particle, and Gamma-Ray emitters

Sept. 20
Dr. Brian Pyper, Brigham Young University Idaho, Why Should We Care About PER? Physics Education Research: History and Notable Results

Sept. 27
Dr. Richard Reimann, Boise State University, Physics on Trial

Oct. 4
Dr. Andre Afanasev, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Probing Structure of Matter with Electron Accelerators at Jefferson Lab

Oct. 5
Dr. Gerard Gilfoyle, University of Richmond, Picking Winners: Emerging Technologies for Countering Terrorism

Oct. 11
Dr. Charles Torre, Utah State University, Gravitation: 2300 Years Later

Oct. 18
Dr. Stephan LeBohec, University of Utah, Ground Based Gamma Ray Astronomy: In Quest for the Origin of Cosmic Rays

Oct. 25
Dr. Mike Taylor, Utah State University, Imaging studies of atmospheric gravity waves

Nov. 1
Martin HackworthISU PhysicsVisceral Physics - Motorcycles

Nov. 8
Dr. Colin Inglefield, Weber State University, Microwave Modulated Photoluminescence: A Probe of Semiconductor Surfaces

Nov. 15
Dr. Daryl Macomb, Boise State University, Timing Neutron Stars

Nov. 22
Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium

Nov. 29
Dr. George Lolos, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Gluonic Excitations, the Key to Understanding Confinement

Dec. 6
Dr. Linda DeVeaux, ISU Biological SciencesSurviving the Stress:  Radiation Effects in Microbes

Spring 2005    Tentative Schedule

Jan. 24
Jon Stoner, American Microsystems, Inc., An introduction to IC manufacturing and AMI Semiconductor

Jan. 31
Dr. Philip Cole, ISU Physics, The Physics with Linearly-Polarized Photons in Hall B of JLab

Feb. 7
Dr. Townsend Zwart, MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science, CW Electron Beams at 30 MeV, Pulse Stretchers – Microtrons and Superconducting Linacs

Feb. 14
Masoud M. Beitollahi, ISU Physics, Use of Trace Radioactivity to Identify Recent Sedimentation Rate in Persian Gulf

Feb. 21
Presidents Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 28
Rod Mueller, T-Mobile USA, Modern Mobile Telecommunications with focus on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)

Mar. 7
Dr. Justin Peatross, Brigham Young University, Gruppengeschwindigkeit and the Homer Simpson Effect

Mar. 14
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 21
Dr. Dave Wall, City College of San Francisco, Physics of Magic

Mar. 28
Dr. Daniel Dale, University of Kentucky, A High Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pi Meson

Apr. 4
Dr. Scott Hughes, ISU Geosciences, Tsunami: How They Work and How We Cope With Them

Apr. 11
Dr. Vesselin Dimitrov, Idaho Accelerator Center, Pulsed Power Diagnostics and Control Systems

Apr. 18
Dr. Richard Smith, Montana State University, Restraining the Laws of Nature with a Layer of Atoms

Apr. 22, 12:00 Noon
Dr. Ajit Roy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nuclear Materials Research at UNLV

Apr. 25
Dr. Richard Brey, Idaho State University, Considering differences between NCRP 49 and NCRP 147

May. 2
Dr. Daniel Schroeder, Weber State University, Electron-Positron Annihilation

Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 132.

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