Fall 2003    Schedule

Sept. 8
Dr. Cynthia Hunt, California Institute of Technology, New Detectors Unravel Cosmology

Sept. 11
Dr. Andrew Benson, California Institute of Technology, Galaxy Formation and Cosmology

Sept. 22
Dr. Haeyeon Yang, Utah State University, Physics and Growth of Semiconductor Nanostructures

Oct. 6
Dr. Chris Nelson, Idaho State University, Tight Binding Calculation of Electric Field Gradients in Arsenic Chalcogenide Crystals and Glasses

Oct. 13
Jeremy Hawk, Idaho State University, Methods Used for Qualification of Sampling Location on a Nuclear Stack

Levan Tkavdze,
Idaho State University, Comparisons of ISDMAP Estimates of Cs-137 Distributions With the Use of In Situ Data from Empirical and Generic Detector Characterizations

Oct. 20
Anna Hoskins, Idaho State University, Aether Theories: Past and Present

Tauna Butler, Idaho State University, Difficulties of Neutron Detection and Dosimetry:
Potential Use of the Bubble Dosimeter

Oct. 27
Nino Chelidze, Idaho State University, The Main Sequence and the HR Diagram

Nov. 3
Alex Punnoose, Boise State University, Nanoscale Magnetism

Nov. 10
Dr. Wendland Beezhold, The ISIS Accelerator Project at Idaho State University

Nov. 17
Dr. Richard Smith, Montana State University, Restraining the Laws of Nature with a Layer of Atoms

Dec. 1
Daniel Snyder, Idaho State University, A History of Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
Timothy Jenkins
, Idaho State University, Radiation Exposure To Astronauts

Dec. 8
Dr. Orest Symko, University of Utah, Power with Heat and Sound

Spring 2004    Tentative Schedule

Jan. 26
Dr. Chris Nelson, Idaho State University, Positron Lifetimes in Silicon

Feb. 2
Dr. Paul Sommers, University of Utah, Studying Nature's Highest Energy Particles with the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory

Feb. 9
Dr. T.C. Shen, Utah State University, Surface Science, Quantum Transport and Atom-Scale Electronics

Feb. 23
Dr. Eddie Tatar, Idaho State University, The Search for Exotic Mesons

Mar. 1
Dr. David Peak, Utah State University, Computation and Life
Dr. Phillip Cole, Jefferson Lab, The Physics with Linearly-Polarized Photons in Hall B of Jefferson Lab, 2:00 pm in PS 132

Mar. 4
Dr. Leo Weissman, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, Some Recent Advances in Experiments with Radioactive Beams, 12:00 Noon in PSC 144

Mar. 8
Dr. Anton P. Tonchev, Duke University and Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory,
Polarized Monoenergetic Gamma Beams for Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Applications, 2:00 pm in PS 132

Mar. 15
Dr. Craig Marianno, Nellis Air Force Base Operations, Recent Advances in Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry, 2:00 pm in PS 132

Mar. 18
Dr. James Durham, Colorado State University,  An In-Situ, Long-Term Underground Monitor for Radioactive Contamination, 2:00 pm in PS 132

Mar. 22
Dr. Eduardo Yukihara, Oklahoma State University, Recent Advances in Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry

Mar. 26
Dr. Jagdish Prasad, American Microsystems, Inc., Research Opportunities In the Areas of Classical CMOS and Emerging New Device, 8:20 am in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Nandita Das, Idaho State University, Nanoscience in Medicin, 9:00 am in the Education Auditorium

Dr. David McIlroy,University of Idaho, Nanosprings, Another Piece of the Nanotechnology Puzzle, 9:55 am in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Henry S. White, University of Utah, Nano-Electrochemistry
, 10:35 am in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Jan Hoh, of John Hopkins Medical Institute, The Gentle Touch: Probing Cells and Molecules by Atomic Force Microscopy
, 11:15 am in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Terry Gilton
, Micron Corp., Materials Exotica in the Semiconductor Industry
, 1:15 pm in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Harry Rollins, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Preparation and Characterization of Metal Nanoparticles
, 2:00 pm in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Steve Buratto
, University of California at Santa Barbara, Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
, 2:55 pm in the Education Auditorium

Dr. Joshua Pak, Idaho State University, Organic Materials:  A Small (Nano-Scale) Contributor to Nanoscience, 3:40 pm in the Education Auditorium

Apr. 5
Dr. Dana Longcope, Montana State University, The Sun's Magnetic Field and How it Gets Twisted

Apr. 12
Dr. Doug Wells, Idaho State University, topic TBA

Apr. 19
Dr. Gregory Reinemer, Idaho State University, Optical Characterization of Perturbed Sites and C3i Ssites in Rare Earth Doped Oxide Crystals

Apr. 26
Wade Scates, Idaho State University, Exploring Non-Exponential Decay in Isomeric Transitions, 2:15 pm in P.S. 132

May 3
Dr. Jianwei Chen, University of Cincinnati, Online Burnup Monitoring of Pebble Bed Reactor Fuel Using Passive Gamma-Ray Spectrometry

Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 132.

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