Fall 2002    Tentative Schedule

Sept. 23
Dr. Alan Hunt, In-Flight Annihilation during Positron Channeling:  Spatial Sampling of Valence Electrons

Sept. 30
Dr. Doug Wells, Application of Electron Linacs to Sub-Surface Science and other Environmental Sciences

Oct. 7
Dr. Frank Harmon, Accelerator Driven Subcritical Systems: Neutron Sources and Waste Transmutation

Oct. 14
Colloquium Canceled

Oct. 21
Brant Campbell, Thin Film Deposition Using Excimer Lasers

Oct. 28
Mark Balzer, History of Solid State Dosimetry
Levan Tkavdze, What Lies Beneath a Sunspot

Nov. 4
John Kwofie, Bremsstrahlung-Based Imaging and Assays of Radioactive, Mixed and Hazardous Waste

Nov. 11
Dr. Susan L. Dexheimer, WSU, Ultrafast Physics in One Dimension

Nov 18
Wesley Boyd, topic TBA
Chandra Campbell, Calculation of Dose Coefficients from Spallation Sources Using DCAL

Dec. 2
Vakhtang Makarashvili, Black Holes
Jessie Gunter, The Hunt For Exotic mesons

Dec. 9
Dr. Catalin Frujinoiu, Personalities that Shaped the Radiological Sciences

Spring 2003    Tentative Schedule

Jan. 27
Dr. Wendland Beezhold, topic TBA

Feb. 3
Dr. Francesca Sammarruca, Univ. of Idaho, Topic TBA

Feb. 10
Dr. Erdinch (Eddie) Tatar, Standard Model, QCD, and Exotic States

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