Fall 2019    Schedule

Aug. 19 Dr. John Sohl, Weber State University, The Physics of Sailing

Aug. 26
Dr. Erdinch Tatar, Idaho State University, Adventures in Modern Physics

Sept. 2
Labor Day, No Colloquium

Sept. 9
Dr. Richard VanFleetBrigham Young University, Atomic/Alternating Layer Deposition (ALD) on Carbon Nanotube Forests

Sept. 16 Dr. Bradley Carroll, Weber State UniversityApollo 11 and the Physics of Orbital Rendezvous

Sept. 23 Dr. Robert Roser, Idaho National Laboratory, The Story of the Higgs Boson

Sept. 30 Dr. David Peak, Utah State University, Minnow, Majority, and Magic

Oct. 7 Dr. David NeilsenBrigham Young University, The Exciting New Frontier of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Oct. 14 Dr. Paul Stonaha, Idaho State University, Surviving Graduate School in Hard Sciences

Oct. 21Dr. Erik Jorgensen, University of Utah, Flash-And-Freeze Electron Microscopy: Tracking Membranes and Proteins in Time and Space (Milliseconds and Nanometers)

Oct. 28 Dr. Chad Pope, Idaho State University, Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) Facility Design and Experiment Capability

Nov. 4
Dr. Denise Stephens, Brigham Young University, Identifying Extrasolar Planets with the Kelt and Tess Missions

Nov. 11
Jon Stoner, Idaho Accelerator CenterApplied Physics and Engineering at the Idaho Accelerator Center

Nov. 18
Dr. John Sohl, Weber State University, The Physics of Sailing Part 2, Hulls and Hydrofoils

Nov. 25
 Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium

Dec. 2 Dr. Shanti Deemyad, University of Utah, Physics of Light Dense Matter: Quantum and Classical Effects

Spring 2020    Schedule

Jan. 13
Dr. Erdinch Tatar, Idaho State University, More Adventures in Modern Physics

Jan. 20
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan 27
Dr. Rick Spielman, Idaho Accelerator Center, Optimizing Magnetic Insulation in Vacuum Transmission Lines

Feb. 3
Dr. Dustin McNulty, Idaho State University, Detectors for Parity Experiments at JLab: PREX-II, CREX, and MOLLER

Feb. 10
Brian Bucher, Idaho National Laboratory, Rapid Chemical Separations for Rate Isotope Research at INL

Feb. 17
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 24
Dr. Leslie Atkins, Boise State University, Constructing Theoretical Objects in Physics

Mar. 2
Dr. Dustin McNulty, Idaho State University, Topic to be determined

Mar. 9
John Kent, GlobalFoundaries,Technologies and Designs at GlobalFoundries

Mar. 16
Dr. Jay Kunze, Idaho State University, What Ever Happened to the Promise of Nuclear Power?

Mar. 23
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 30
Dr. George Imel, Idaho State University, Topic to be determined

Apr. 6
Dr. Dmitri Tenne, Boise State University, topic to be determined

Apr. 13

Apr. 20 Dr. Paul Simmonds, Boise State University, topic to be determined

Apr. 27 Dr. Matthew Kinlaw, Idaho National Laboratory, topic to be determined

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Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.
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